OPAF II Event Information Page




This is where all information can be found specific to this event. This page will be updated as new details become available.


Friday 29th March - Sunday 31st March 2024

Event Length:

3 days


10am Friday 29th


Taranaki Airsoft Rangers Inc 
590 Denbigh Road



Entrance is on the R/H side of the road and marked by the large TAR sign.

once you have entered the driveway, travel all the way down until you are greeted by staff at the entrance to the camping/carpark area. The staff will direct you as to what you need to do.

once you have parked you need to promptly get you airsoft guns and make your way to registration/chrono.

On-Site Facilities:

- Free on-site camping for anyone to use
- Large 20M x 20M marquee that will accommodate all players/staff
- Tables and seating in marquee
- Multiple on-site toilets
- Fresh drinking water will be supplied for all three days 

On-Site Retailers

Multiple retailers will be supplying players with all their needs whilst at the event.

we have the following retailers:

- Special FX / EXFog Anti Fog system

- Gunny Tactical

- Unlimited Airsoft

- Black Rook Creations

- Night Raider


Thursday 28th

9am - 5pm Staff on site to set up facilities 

Players can organise to arrive on this day if pre-arranged with the event co-ordinators.

Friday 29th (public holiday)

9am - 12am Staff on site

12am - 3pm Gates open/ Registration

3pm - 4pm safety briefings (mandatory)
Failure to attend safety briefing will void you from attending the Saturday scenario and helicopter flight.

4pm - 5pm IPSC shooting competition

6pm gates close


Saturday 30th

8am - 9:30am Final prep 

9:30am - 1pm Game scenario

1pm - 2pm Lunch

2pm - 5pm Game scenario

7pm - 8pm On-site catering

8pm - 9pm Prep for night game

9pm - 12pm Night scenario


Sunday 31st

10am - 12am Game scenario

12am - 1pm Lunch

1pm - 3pm Game scenario

4pm - 5pm Prize giving

5pm - 6pm On-site catering

6pm Socialising


Monday 32nd (public holiday)

9am - 5pm Staff pack down / attendees leaving



Friday Registration / Safety Brief / Chrono Requirements

ALL player are required to register, chrono and attend all safety briefings. failure to do so will result in you not being able to attend the event.

Friday Registration
Your name MUST match the name that you bought the ticket under.

Players Will Receive
All players will receive the following "Player Pack"

  • 3 day entry to event
  • Identification wrist bands
  • On-site catered dinner Saturday & Sunday
  • 2 x Team colored Event PVC patches
  • G&G Hat
  • G&G Patch
  • Custom event Dog Tag
  • Airsoft Tourniquet (Medic rule)
  • Head Over face covering
  • Dead rag (Color: RED)
  • Red LED Dead light (night Op)

Safety Briefing
Players MUST attend all safety briefing's on Friday that are required of them. Players that purchase a helicopter insertion ticket MUST attend a separate safety briefing that will be conducted by the Mid West Helicopter staff.

All guns that players intend to use over the duration of the event MUST comply with the TAR gun performance rules and the Night OP performance rules as below. All guns need a visible colored zip tie to identify its performance class before you entre the field.

Rule Exemption 
All players that are not paid TAR members (players attending from out of region from other clubs or groups) will be exempt from rule 1.3 Probation period.

Night OP Rules

ALL guns must not exceed 1.13 Joules using the players BB weight that they will be using in game.
Players are only to use their guns in Semi only.

Tracer Units
All players are encouraged to use tracer units during the night operation.

Night Vision / Thermal NVG
NVG devises are allowed to be used.
All NVG players will be EVENLY divided across both teams to mitigate problems and keep teams fair. This is a none negotiable.  

White Light

A weapon mounted white light is mandatory for the night Op. This is for safety and a non negotiable.

This can be as simple as a small torch being tapped to your weapon.

Respawning player / safety officer identification 

All players/safety officers will be supplied with a small Red LED light that must be worn and used as identification. This is so you can be identified as a respawning or non playing person so to minimise issues with players being misidentified and targeted.

Projectile Devices 40mm chalk TAGinn

All projectile devices such as 40mm grenade launchers are permitted.

30 meter minimum engagement distance
5m diameter hit zone

These projectiles are for HARD targets only, and are for "lobbing" and not firing straight at targets.

permitted targets as listed below

  • Stuart Tank
  • Scorpion Tank 
  • Buildings

Smoke Grenades

ONLY Enola Gaye and M18 PCF smoke grenades are permitted.

All smoke grenades are to be used appropriately. DO NOT use smoke grenades in dense scrub or areas that could pose a fire risk. 

Ear Protection

High Db noise canceling ear pro is highly recommended. It is the players responsibility to look after and protect their hearing. 


Radio Communication
Radios are highly recommended. Only use channels that are designated to you by the event admin. Keep ALL communication respectful and only use it when it is required.

Players are to follow all admin instructions given over the radio. If players around you do not have a radio when instruction are given, it is the responsibility of the player receiving those instructions to make sure non radio players receive the same information.


Is there any uniform requirement?

NO! There is no team specific uniforms required at this event. you are welcome to play in any kit as team colors will be supplied 

Safety around vehicles & helicopter

Safe Navigation Around Tanks/Carriers
Players must follow all instructions from Tank safety officer when manoeuvring around the Tank

- Keep 30M forward of main gun is to be observed.
- Keep 2M from sides of tracked vehicles unless instructed elsewise.
- Keep 5M clear from the rear of tracked vehicles.

Safe navigation around Anti-Aircraft gun

Players are to follow the safety officer’s instructions at all times.

- Player that is operating the AA gun must be wearing ear protection.
- All supporting players not operating the gun must keep 10M away from the gun.

Safe navigation around the Field Artillery Gun
Players are to follow the safety officer’s instructions at all times.

- Keep 30M forward of the muzzle of the Artillery gun.
- Artillery team is to wear ear pro when operating the Artillery gun.
- Supporting team is to be 10m to the rear of the gun.

Safe navigation around pyrotechnic effects
Players are to follow the Pyrotechnic safety officer’s instructions at all times. Safety exclusions zone signs will mark all pyro locations and players must not enter exclusion zones.

Safe navigation around helicopter + Entry and Exit

All “Helicopter passengers” must attend the helicopter safety briefing.
Players are to follow both the pilots and ground crew instructions at all times.
- Both entry and exit of the helicopter is to be made from the right hand side of the helicopter
- When exiting the helicopter, move away from the helicopter and get clear
- Any players there to support players being inserted by helicopter must keep clear at all times



Game scenario Medic Rule

- carrying turnequette on person
- HIT call #1 Team member assistance
- HIT call #2 Medic assistance
-Bleed Out rule/period 2 minutes
- Non combative/Dead Identification
Each player will be issued a turnequette that they must carry on their person during the game in a secure but accessible pouch.

HIT #1
A player calls “HIT”
That player can then request any TEAM MEMBER to help them apply their turnequette.
The turnequette must be put around the upper arm and secured in place.
Once secured in place, the player can continue on with their mission.

HIT #2
That player then calls HIT whilst wearing a turnequette.
That player must now request for a MEDIC.
A medic is the only person that can remove and return a turnequette to a player.
Once the medic has removed the turnequette and the player has secured it back in their pouch, they can continue with the mission and the medic system then RESETS.

A medic can be assisted for both HIT 1/2 by any fellow team member.
A medic CANNOT assist themselves.

If a TEAM MEMBER or MEDIC is unavailable during either situations you will stay in place for a 2 MINUTE BLEEDOUT PERIOD at which point you will form up on the rear of your squad and return to the current mission.

A BRIGHT RED RAG will be issued to all players so they can identify as “bleeding out” or “dead” so to minimise any players been shot.

A player can opt NOT to call for team member or medic assistance if they feel it is not in the best interest of their assisting team members and instead, can stay in place for the 2 minute bleed out period before returning to the closest available respawn point.

If a player LOSSES their Turnequette whilst on a mission they CANNOT be assisted and will instead have to complete the bleed out period before returning to their squad.
A fellow player if they chose can OFFER their personal turnequette to assist a team member that has lost their turnequette BUT in doing so that player LOSES their ability to be assisted and must instead complete the bleed out period if they are then HIT.

If a player FINDS a lost Turnequette but does not know who it belongs to, then they are to RETURN it to their FOB so it can be redistributed at a later time.
a LIMITED number of spare Turnequettes will be available from the FOB but once these are all issued then a player will lose their ability to be assisted if they do not have a Turnequette on their person.

A LIMITED number of medics will be available per team.
EACH medic is to be identified with a MEDIC patch that they must wear at all times if they are to assist any player in a medic capacity.


All paid attendees will receive exclusive discount codes via email.