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ExFog XT Essential Kit

ExFog XT Essential Kit

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Do you want the ExFog Antifog System but don’t need the headband or T-Band? Now, you can enjoy the same great quality and functionality of our versatile anti-fog system for full seal goggles without purchasing any additional or unnecessary components. This essential kit option includes everything you need to get started with the ExFog system without the headband or T-Band.

The essential kit includes:

XT ExFog master unit
High-flow tubing
USB Type C charging cord
Custom manifolds
Universal Magnetic Adapters
Construction-grade hook and loop system
Unit instructions
Information on the one-year limited factory defect warranty
With the essential kit, you get an adhesive hook and loop system for affixing the ExFog Antifog System unit directly to helmets or other surfaces that will adhere to the hook and loop. This essential kit option is ideal for customers who will be using the anti-fog system on hard hats, tactical helmets, biking helmets, and other headgear that does not require a headband or T-band.

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